Handy is best in class male sex masturbator. It works great alone, but what we as a company have focused on is the platform that Handy connects to.

This documentation is about the Handyfeeling platform. TheHandy masturbator is currently the only HW on the platform, but this will change over the next period as we invite other HW producers and our new products to the platform.

<aside> 👋 Welcome! This is the developer documentation for the Handyfeeling platform. It is bridging fantasy and reality by connecting sex toys to online content.

Questions? Here’s how to reach us:

Simple Tutorials

Get started

Simple control using the SDK

Make the Handy move (API)

Simple video site with sync

Create a remote control app

[Remote control app with Handy Universal UI ](https://ohdoki.notion.site/Remote-control-app-with-1f19f8fe381c451487d3a0dd2d1a83fa)

[TypeScript projects with Handy API v2](https://ohdoki.notion.site/TypeScript-projects-with-ada7e21322f2472bbf84ca2c211f465d)

[TypeScript project with Handy SDK](https://ohdoki.notion.site/TypeScript-project-with-1eecffc5180b46c28b199a33ea5125e7)


Handy API v1

Handy API v2

Next Handy API

Handy SDK

Script APIs

Channel API

Channel SDK [BETA]

Unity SDK [Community]

Advanced Guides

Handy functionality

Time Syncing

Controlling multiple devices

Handy Universal UI

React, Angular, Vue and TypeScript

Code generator OAS3

Connection Key


Bluetooth control


Handy specifications

Branding overview

Developer roadmap

Video site - value proposition

Creating interactive videos

Cam site value proposition

Marketing TODO

Affiliate TODO



FW4 alpha